At Prayer Piano, concert pianists Atamian and Margaret Wacyk use the transformational power of classical music, prayerfully infused with ancient sacred frequencies for Inspiration, Transformation and Healing.


Here’s our formula:

We overlay sacred frequencies into classical music masterpieces which we perform with prayerful intention.

Experience the power of music on a CELLULAR level and read the incredible testimonials below:

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“I listened to this amazing frequency music reclaiming my health/ casting out impurities while I slept. Here we are 6 weeks later and I am totally CLEAR and CLEAN of any cancer cells at any margin anywhere in my body!" Susan, Washington, DC

“When I first heard your Healing Music with Rachmaninoff and the topic of Rejection I was having a problem with a person. I listened to that and instantly had it lifted from me and I had been praying for weeks about it and just having a really rough time. Thank you so much!” Sandra Stelzl, (California)

“I felt the hope when we prayed with music. It was a conviction in my spirit...Your music probably pushed something physically. I received much peace and faith afterwards…(nodule in breast shrunk from 25mm to 16mm within 5 days).” Sue, Florence Italy 



Free Album Download

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Is it possible to use sound to shape your destiny? Absolutely.

It is a little known secret, called ‘frequency match’ and it works!

But often, there are obstacles in the path.

In this free download, through prayer and guided listening to the anointed music of JS Bach, you will shift into an alignment where your purpose and destiny become your reality.

Simply drop your name and email below for the music and pdf download.