To play music on the piano is not enough—To be a complete musician one needs to be an archaeologist, searching deeper to find the true essence of the piece; to extract the spiritual meaning which is embedded in every musical work
— Margaret Wacyk

As Classical pianist, author, educator and recording artist Margaret wacyk uses music as a prism to illuminate the biblical message of faith and reveal the transformational power of sound.

Hailed by the American Music Guide for her “versatility in many styles that emphasize her chameleon-like transformations,” Margaret Wacyk is a trailblazer who is breathing new life into the art of piano playing.

As a soloist, Margaret  has concertized in the United States and Europe and made her Carnegie Hall solo debut in 2000. She has made four solo recordings.  Her second CD, “Piano Works” was chosen as Gramophone Magazine’s “Best New Releases from North America”.

Margaret has had a lifelong fascination with the power of sound and its ability to transform.

It began with her interest in capturing the secret behind the 'golden tone' that pianists from the 19th and early 20th century knew. This quest led her to an archived 19th century method, which she has researched with over twenty years of relentless exploration.  As a result of these experiences, she authored a groundbreaking book called “Ultimate Piano Playing” and companion online course that has taught pianists around the world how to play with natural technique, get rid of muscular tension and obtain rich and effortless tone at the piano.  

Several years ago, Margaret was called to devote her musical talents to serving God by revealing the Christian message inside the work of the great composers. 

Margaret started Music To Compose You as a platform for transformational living using anointed sound as a tool. Her first step was to explore the composer JS Bach, who was known for his unsurpassed Christian musical legacy and called the 5th Evangelist. She created a book and recording revealing the deeper Spiritual messages inside his music entitled Anthem of Faith. 

Much of classical music was written for the Glory of God, yet rarely is it activated to do the purpose for which it was designed. Margaret illuminates these themes in her weekly podcast called Music to Compose You where she performs and talks about piano masterpieces. Through this prism her audience is inspired to use the transformational power of the Word of God to live more abundantly, be refreshed in the Spirit and heal in body and mind.