Heaven's Melody Sacred Meditation Album

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Heavenly melody album.png

Heaven's Melody Sacred Meditation Album


Experience authentic worship by listening to the sacred tones used by King David in the Old Testament and receiving the healing Word of God.

When King David used these tones, encoded in the Old Testament Book of Numbers, Chapter 7, a supernatural hedge of protection surrounded the worshippers.

Now, we too can tap into these sacred sounds to enhance our prayers and received blessings!

The sacred solfegge tones have been lost for centuries but they have returned for a 'time such as this!'

Revival of the old pathways to God are now being used to pull down Kingdom on earth. 

Featuring the 396 hz, 417 hz, 528 hz, 639 hz, 741 hz, 852 hz and 963 hz.

These tones create a heavenly atmosphere and help break down the barriers that keep us blocked from receiving the fullness that God intends for our lives.

Experience a higher level of breakthrough by tapping into the ancient secrets of authentic worship.

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