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Access Divine healing through music and prayer

"Where there is devotional music, God is always at hand with His gracious presence."          - Johann Sebastian Bach

Listen and heal

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"Sacred sounds charge the cortex of the brain and stimulate health and wellness".   Dr. Alfred Tomatis

The uplifting sounds found in classical music have enormous health benefits.

I'd like to help you tap in.

From decreasing blood pressure, fighting depression, alleviating stress and even relieving pain, classical music should be in your medicine cabinet. 

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How does it help heal?

Why classical music?

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I'm Margaret Wacyk, a concert pianist, author, recording artist. 

Great music can help us live greater lives.  I aim to demystify the intimidation factor that often comes with classical music by making it come to life.

I  do this by sharing the universal  wisdom found inside the notes of classical music masterpieces.

These musings can be found on my YouTube channel with weekly shows called Prayer Piano  and Our Daily Bach .  

By combining the scientifically proven benefits of classical music with Scripture I craft musical messages that uplift the Spirit.

Many people have also found physical healing from my music.

Maybe it has to do with the one-of-a-kind pianos I play on, tuned to ancient sacred frequencies.

Be blessed by the beautiful harmonies that God has created!



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Here's how I can help



"When devotional music is played, God's presence is there." JS Bach and the spiritual message inside his music. Read it. Listen. Increase in Faith .



The Beethoven Experience- Hearing God in the Silence. How can Beethoven's struggle and music empower you to live heroically?



Renew your Mind, Body and Spirit with this unique collection of classical piano gems (digital album). Clarify your mind, refresh your spirit, renew your body.

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Prayer Piano

weekly nuggets of inspiration from the keyboard

Prayer Piano explores about the passion inside classical music masterpieces to add more inspiration into our lives. 

  • What did the composer feel?
  • What is this music telling us?
  • What is the greater wisdom it has to share?


    This week on Prayer Piano:

    Naked, Deaf and Alone

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    How did Beethoven survive as a composer when his greatest asset, his hearing, was stripped from him by the time he was 34 years old?

    Like Beethoven, we all face situations where the obstacles in front of us seem unsurmountable. 

    But how do we go on to not only overcome our obstacles but use them as opportunities to shape us into greatness?

    Music's ultimate master, Beethoven can show us how.

    I'm excited to share with you a sneak peak of my new live program coming soon to a venue near you.