Have more.

Do less.

Enter the Receiving State

Do you want all that God intended for your life?

Health, Joy, Abundance?

It comes by Faith.

And "Faith comes by Hearing". (Romans 10:17)

If you want to receive more, tune up your 'receivers.'

What are your receivers?

Your ears are your receivers! 

There's a way to tune them up so you can clearly hear God's voice.

It starts with a FREE 7 Day Sound Detox. It will clean out the noise and help you experience a higher level of clarity in your walk with God.


I'm Margaret Wacyk, a concert pianist, author, recording artist...and lover of Jesus.

My aim with Music to Compose You is to give listeners practical resources they could use to hear God's voice, receive His blessings and fight the frequency of fear when it attacks. 

By combining the scientifically proven benefits of classical music with Scripture I craft musical messages that uplift the Spirit.

Many people have also found physical healing from my music.

Maybe it has to do with the one-of-a-kind pianos I play on, tuned to the ancient Biblical frequencies from the time of King David.

Be blessed by the beautiful harmonies that God has created!



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Here's how I can help


7 DAY NOISE DETOX                           

It all starts here. A cleanse that will renew you.


The Beethoven Experience- Hearing God in the Silence. Feel the passion. Be inspired.

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A Unique Devotional

"When devotional music is played, God's presence is there." JS Bach and the Faith inside his music.